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"Dala horses light" wrapping paper, 5 sheets A3

"Dala horses light" wrapping paper, 5 sheets A3

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Weeeeeeeeeee (<-- that's supposed to be a neighing)! We are the Dala horse herd. 🐎 For appropriate happiness and species-appropriate husbandry (too many horses wouldn't have enough space on A3) we are lined with many small folk-art-like flowers. With the adoption of this dönsel you will receive five A3 sheets of wrapping paper, printed with mineral oil-free, vegan inks on 100% recycled paper (Blue Angel).

Shipping costs too expensive? Please leave a note in the cart's comment section if the paper can be folded loosely in the middle. Then it will be sent as a large letter for €3.70 and you will get the difference back.


By adopting a dönsel you support the work of an animal sanctuary (see “World Improvement”).

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