Nonsense, of course nothing in the world is being improved here. But perhaps it is very interesting to know that at least not so much is broken. Because:

charity, so to speak
linava regularly donates small amounts to Lebenshöfe. These are places where animals with different, often bad histories (“livestock” industry, experimental laboratories, bad private keeping, etc.) are simply allowed to live in peace. Currently, a fraction of your donut adoption fees goes to Charly's Ranch , Forgotten Quadrupeds and Vegan Bullerbyn .

non-profit so to speak
The fact that the donations (see above) are only comparatively small amounts is not due to the Dönsel aunt's fully equipped sports car, but to the low Dönsel prices and high operating costs (manufacturing, shop, licenses, market stalls, etc.). It's all just a hobby here for fun and has no economic claim.

so to speak eco
If Dönsel are to be brought into the world, then at least they shouldn't consume so many resources.

  • Papercraft is printed on 100% recycled paper using mineral and palm oil free vegan inks.
  • Packaging is predominantly recycled or recyclable.
  • Fabrics, textile and, if applicable, promotional donels are not produced in stock, but are only printed when the order is placed.
  • Unfortunately, there are quite a few types of Dönsel don't even exist because the production would be harmful to animals or the environment.