shipping, delivery etc.

How the dönsels come to you and what it costs

I always try to ship with the cheapest option:

  • Individual pads, sets of cards and magnets, stickers: large letter (€1.60 / international €3.70)
  • Stamps, several sets of cards, pads, etc.: Maxi letter (€2.75, international €7)
  • Wrapping paper: DHL package (€5.50, international €15 as a parcel or package)

Since this shop is still new, sometimes the correct postage will not automatically be selected, sorry. If it's too much, please get in touch and I'll quickly transfer the difference back to you. If it's not enough, just wrap a particularly pretty cloak of silence over it.

When the Dönsel come to you

This shop is only run as a hobby, so your dönsels will be packed up around when the aunt finds the time for it. Sometimes it's so quick that they get to you the next working day, but it usually takes a few days and can't really be predicted. If an adoption is urgent, please write this in the comment in the shopping cart or contact me by email or Insta - then the aunt will do her best as far as possible and hope that the post office will do the same! :)

How do you know where the dönsels are?

You will receive an email as soon as your dönsels are on their way. You can only track the wrapping paper within Germany (DHL shipment tracking). If you would like insured shipping or a trackable (international) shipment for another dönsel, please contact me BEFORE the adoption, then we will clarify that. :)