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Bottle opener "Dalahäst"

Bottle opener "Dalahäst"

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I am the bottle opener with the flower-lined Dala horse. It is said that Dala horses were once carved in the Dalarna region in front of the fireplace on long winter evenings. Today they are, so to speak, a national symbol throughout Sweden. The painting may vary. In my case it is the classic variant in a simplified and partly dotted form. Points are happy, thought the dönsel lady, so lots of them! And to make everything even happier and a little fuller, a lot of traditional Swedish-style abstract-floral elements were integrated.
Apart from my excellent ability to open bottles, I also stick to all magnetic surfaces with a very useful strength – for example on the refrigerator, always ready to hand for the next use. My coating is matte, people say it's nice to the touch.

Diameter: 5.6 cm


By adopting a dönsel you support the work of an animal sanctuary (see “World Improvement”).

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