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Bottle Opener "Blueberries"

Bottle Opener "Blueberries"

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Hey! I am a round bottle opener (diameter 5.6 cm) with a blueberry motif. You need bottle openers when you want to open bottles with crown caps and are too weak to do it with a lighter, the edge of a table or teeth. You need bottle openers with a blueberry motif if the above applies and you also like blueberries. Not only can I open bottles, but like my magnet friends here in the shop, I can also stick to all magnetic surfaces with a very useful strength – for example on the refrigerator, on the washing machine or on the magnetic board. I also have the type of coating in common with my magnet friends. I'm cellophane-wrapped matt and therefore also suitable as a hand flatterer. Actually, I'm the all-rounder, but I don't want that to come across as arrogant, because I'm more the sociable buddy type.


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